13 May 2022

Turkish tyre supplier Anlas will continue as the official FIM Speedway tyre supplier as the sport enters an exciting new era.

Anlas has served as Speedway GP tyre supplier since 2018, developing a tubeless tyre ideally suited to 500cc bikes, racing without brakes.

Offering high levels of stability at all speeds, Anlas tyres’ semi-deep kerfs secure much better traction especially at the start, as well as rapid, controlled heating and a controlled hardness level. Their tubeless system also offers reduced weight and improved safety.

While Anlas already plays a pivotal role in delivering epic track action, this will only be enhanced as the Anlas Overtake Trophy will be awarded for the greatest pass at each event in 2022.

François Ribeiro, head of Discovery Sports Events, is pleased to join forces with Anlas.

He said: “Anlas has worked tirelessly in recent years to establish itself as the world’s leading speedway tyre, and we are delighted that they will be our official tyre supplier for FIM Speedway.

“Development is crucial to moving forward in any motorsport and Anlas does not stand still when it comes to seeking greater performance from their tyres.

“We are pleased they will be part of the action once again, as we look forward to a fantastic new era for FIM Speedway.”

Eray Savcı, chairman of Anlas, said: “We are thrilled to be part of FIM Speedway again, which is entering a new era. After many years of development, we are glad that Anlas is the first choice of all the riders.

“At Anlas, we define ourselves as a boutique tyre manufacturer; aiming to develop and produce tailor-made, sophisticated tyres to fulfil riders’ expectations.

“As we once again become the Official Tyre Supplier of FIM Speedway, we will continue to keep our close relationship with all the riders and stakeholders to maintain continuous development of our tyres to enhance the safety and performance of the riders in the new era of FIM Speedway.”

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