Tyre Markings


180/55 ZR 17 M/C (73W) TL
180: Tyre section nominal width (mm)
55: Tyre aspect ratio%
ZR: Tyre construction type
(”-”Bias tyre; “B”Bias Belted; “R”Radial Belted)
17: Rim diameter (inches)
M/C: Type for motorcycle only(73W): Load and speed index code
TL: Tubeless;
Tubeless Tyre (TL),
Tubetype Tyre (TT)


Direction of Rotation
The arrow indicate the direction of rotation according to the fitting position.


Tyre Manufacturer


Safety Warning
The side wall description respect legal requirements in different countries.


Tyre Structure
Description of tread and side wall structure.


Mud and Snow Mark
It indicates that the tyre is compatible in mud or snow usage.


Product Name


Homologation Number
According to ECE R 75


Dot Certification
Department of Transportation. It indicates that the tyre conforms to the regulations issued by the transport depts of USA and Canada.


Manufacturer Product Code


Production Date
Date of manufacture, for example: 1617=16’th week of 2017


Country of Production

The maximum load in lbs is written on every ANLAS tyre together with the corresponding maximum cold inflation pressure in psi. In the tyre service description in accordance with new tyre designation the maximum load is also given through the load index code.

Some tyre show in the service description the additional markings “reinf.” which indicates a reinforced structure for an increased load capacity. This higher load is already contained in the maximum load inscription. For higher than indicated load capacities in the case of reduced speed consult ANLAS.

The max. permitted speed for a tyre is indicated by a specific speed index-code.

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