Warranty Information

  1. Our products are warranted against material defects in manufacturing, workmanship and materials for two (2) years from the invoice date or if the treadwear indicators (TWI) are exposed, whichever comes first. In products with no invoice, the warranty is based on the manufacture date on the tire sidewall.
  2. Consumers can report defects through the authorized dealers published on the official website of ANLAS or through the official channels of ANLAS (telephone, fax, email, registered letter and other similar methods). Notifications made outside of official channels, or requests made through public channels, are not accepted as official applications. In cases of dispute, the responsibility of proof belongs to the consumer.
  3. If it is understood that the tire has a manufacturing defect, the consumer may exercise the following rights stated in Article 11 of the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502:
    1. Rescission of contract upon declaring readiness to return the sold item,
    2. Keeping the sold item and requesting a discount from the sales price proportional to the level of the defect,
    3. Requesting the tire to be repaired free of charge at the seller’s expense, provided there are no excessive costs involved,
    4. Requesting replacement with a non-defective tire (if applicable). The seller must fulfill the demand preferred by the consumer.
  4. The tire is deemed out of warranty upon determination of the following cases of misuse:
    1. The tire does not comply with the original size, speed and load index in the owner’s manual or registration document of the vehicle,
    2. Exposing the tire to loads exceeding the speed and load index specified on the sidewall,
    3. Using tube-type (TT) tires without tubes, and tubeless (TL) tires with tubes.
    4. Damage resulting from impacts caused by misuse,
    5. Tires damaged by stones, nails, glass, metal and similar objects,
    6. Repaired (wick, patch, etc.) tires,
    7. Damages caused by improper mounting (mounting on the rim),
    8. Damages incurred while driving over the legal speed limits, or under unsuitable road conditions,
    9. Cracks or cuts caused by exposing tires to excessive water pressure,
    10. Superficial cracks occurring from storage conditions resulting in overexposure to sunlight, or storage close to ozone-generating electric motors and similar devices,
    11. Cracking or other defects caused by using the tire with air pressure below the recommended level.
  5. In disputes that may arise regarding the exercise of rights arising from the warranty, the consumer may apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee or the Consumer Court in the place of residence, or the place where the inspection will be performed.

Scope of Warranty

  1. The tire owner is deemed to have accepted and agreed to the “Warranty Conditions” regarding the tire sent to the seller for inspection, and the information provided to them regarding the claimed defect.
  2. The tire owner agrees in advance that the tire may be cut for inspection.
  3. The tire owner can learn the result of the inspection from the relevant authorized dealer, with a letter sent to the address declared in the inspection form or via email sent to the email address specified during the application.
  4. Rejected tires are kept at our authorized dealer for one (1) month from the result notification date. If the tire owner does not request the rejected tire from the authorized dealer within this period, he/she accepts that the tire will be disposed of.
  5. Motorcycle outer tires and inner tubes damaged due to use under incorrect or nonstandard road, speed and load conditions, cuts, ruptures and damage caused by external factors and impacts, storing in unsuitable environments, and repaired tires are not covered under the warranty.
  6. Damage caused by external factors such as sidewalks, pits, potholes, bumps, soft shoulders etc., use with improper air pressure, and use of tube-type tires without tubes and use of tubeless tires with tubes, and uses outside of the tire/rim dimensions recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, are also not covered under the warranty.
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