İtalyan Motosiklet Severlerin Büyük Kış Buluşması AgnelloTreffen, ANLAS sponsorluğu ile 2000'nin üzerinde sürücüye evsahipliği yaptı.


İtalyan’ların büyük kış buluşması olan AgnelloTreffen, yaklaşık 2000 kişilik katılımcısı ile, SUZUKI, ANLAS ve Tucano Urbano sponsorluğunda gerçekleşti. Sürücüler, ANLAS kış lastikleri Winter Grip 2, Winter Grip Plus ve Tucano Urbano kış ekipmanları ile donatılan Suzuki V-Strom 1000, GSX-S 750 ve Burgman 400 ile Agnellotreffen’nin karlı ve buzlu yollarında kışa özel motosiklet sürüş ekipmanlarını test ettiler.

Soğuk hava ve buzlu yollar yeterli donanıma sahip sürücüler için sürpriz değil. Artık geleneksel olarak gerçekleşen buluşma da sergilenen yeni nesil kış ekipmanları ile sürücülere kış mevsiminin eğlencesini yaşamak kalıyor.


The cold becomes "pleasant"


SUZUKI, ANLAS (tyres) and Tucano Urbano (clothing) have realized that this is the type of event in which their potential customer participates, and so they have become sponsors. But try it is better to look, so on the V-Strom 1000, GSX-S 750 and Burgman 400 were mounted the now famous winter tyres Winter Grip 2 and Winter Grip Plus, and Tucano Urbano thermal protectors for grips along with the now legendary "Termoscud" apron with anti-skid system. The test was matched with Urbis 5G jacket and overcoat and the Tetris glove. So equipped, participating in the Agnellotreffen is a formality without surprises, also because the streets after the snowfall on Friday have been kept constantly clean and "salty" for greater safety of the circulation, but the slimy is always lurking and have the support of the Winter, with the same technology as winter car tyres, means being able to still have fun driving. And keep the normal covers "fresh" for when the best temperatures return, without sacrificing the tread in the middle for all the winter kilometers when the bend in the corners becomes less likely. Tucano Urbano products stand out for their practicality / functionality / convenience ratio, with a protective jacket that always looks very "civil". The clever trousers can be worn over or without the normal trousers, they are padded and have a knee protector that an adjustable elastic keeps more adherent to the leg. The gloves are definitely technical, with the removable padding for drying needs of the upholstery or if it is not so cold, while the outside has provisions for cleaning the visor and favoring the touch screen.


 Grow up together 

Over two thousand presences for a winter gathering that puts a strain on the participants, but welcomes them to the best and makes them enthusiastic.

Growing is physiological, natural, but it is not guaranteed, especially if it is a motorcycle event. It takes passion, commitment and ability. The Agnellotreffen, a usual appointment at the end of January, is growing year by year (this year's record with over 2,000 motorcyclists intervening) because in addition to the need for the organization there is more. Let's start with us motorcyclists, an incessant comings and goings from Thursday to Sunday, free to arrive and leave when you want. Moreover in Val Varaita we are in the ancient Republic of the Escartons, "Free Men", and the ever dynamic Mayor of Casteldelfino with a "console" in period costume handed the relative passport to the motorcyclists who climbed to Pontechianale, the meeting place. Meanwhile, waiting for "the formalities" you could eat morsels of trout and potatoes at kilometer zero, or the renowned Baci Blu chocolates of Busca della Cioccolateria Fagiolo Peirano, a company for women. The organizers are also motorcyclists, first of all (Motoraidexperience, organizers also of Gibraltar Race) and this helps to understand how and what to do, but it is essential that there is the desire to be together.